Custom Electric Violins

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EVL instruments are designed to offer the best tone that an electric violin can offer. Whether you are looking for a natural tone or a warm electric tone, we can make an instrument to reach your target sound.


Our instruments are made to look great, balance well, feel comfortable and sound amazing. We believe our careful design and materials makes our instruments stand to a higher quality with increased playability.


We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the world of sonic possibilities that going electric offers. Our instruments can be configured differently to fit a variety of budgets. We even offer DIY kits! Send us an email so we can help you design an instrument to fit your musical and financial needs.

Man......this is a beautiful instrument. Gorgeous! Do you feel like you did a particularly awesome job on this one? I am very happy, feels great. the neck is perfect size for me.


" I cant get over how comfortable this violin is to play. It feels so much more natural than my Yamaha, not to mention the difference in sound quality. I thought I would end up still using my Yamaha to practice at home, given its a "silent". Not a chance after playing this one, I cant imagine ever wanting to play the Yamaha again. "


“We received the violin last week, and it’s perfect for her. She’s been playing the violin for 12 years, and she’s also very good at the electric guitar. She likes metal/punk, and this new beautiful black EVL violin is great for her favorite music. She’s calling it inspirational, awsome, totally cool, and several words I don’t know the meaning of – but it’s all good. You guys did an remarkable job. Thank you!”


I received the violin yesterday morning (perfect timing) and played on it all day yesterday AND performed on it last night! What a beauty! And it sounds great! … EVERYONE loves it – the band, the audience, and myself. I can’t thank you enough for your craftsmanship and patience with me.


I plugged it into an amp today and, of course, it sounded awesome! The hollow body does give it quite a bit more depth in comparison with the solid body and silent instruments I’ve played. … The low end is especially impressive, it almost sounds like a cello.