Quartet Series

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This violin can balance natural tone and high amplification, hitting that sweet spot that others simply do not offer. Our hollow bodies were designed to give the player the most natural tone, engineered carefully so that the chambered body weight & balance feels natural and comfortable to play. More comfort means better playing! The Quartet model brings a modern yet familiar look to our electrics with incredible warmth and tone. That makes this a great choice for professional violinists who routinely need a pure electric, but want to retain a natural sound.

Frets: Add on frets for always-in-tune reassurance, play with confidence! Available in guitar style or low profile options:
Frets + $375
Wooden Frets + $200

Straps: Adding our Hands Free System will add a strap system that gives you the ability to hold your violin up without your hands or chin!  Strap in and you're ready to go!

Guitar style headstocks with ultralight guitar tuners are now included by default.  

Finish: Included satin finish options includes: Natural (warm brown), Amber, Red, and Black.  Please email us to discuss custom finishes, fractional/viola sizing, and other options.  

NEW FOR 2020: Default configuration includes satin finish, guitar style head stock, and an upper bout cut-away.  Gloss finishes and custom colors available.