Cab X2 IR Pedal

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The Cab X2 is the latest digital cabinet simulation and impulse response pedal from MOOER Audio, featuring stereo input and output, build-in factory simulation models, and support for third-party impulse response files.


  • High-quality, IR-loading stereo cabinet simulation pedal
  • Includes 14 user preset slots that can store two different cabinet simulation settings each
  • 11 factory cabinet simulation files with support for loading third-party impulse response files
  • Choose between mono or stereo setups with the ability to bypass the cab sim for each channel
  • Footswitch can be assigned as a traditional on/off switch or to switch between presets
  • Comes with specialized editor software for preset management and IR loading

We highly suggest this for those looking for alternative to the VSound 2.  Paired with IRs from you can step through a variety of violin impulses.