Many customers ask me “Which pickup should I choose?”  The answer differs depending on what you need and what sound you are looking for.


The Schatten pickup is a single piezo pickup that can capture the natural tone of the instrument below it and provide a great sound palette for you to paint on.  If you are looking for a more acoustic-like tone on an electric body, this may be a good choice.  I highly recommend using a pre-amp or solid state effects processor, or both, when using this pickup.  This pickup comes standard on our Quartet line of violins.


We use the Twin Hybrid Barbera pickups, which have 2 piezos PER STRING!  This creates a much different sound than single piezo pickups, and many professional violinists prefer its thick warm tone.  The output is incredibly strong, and many describe the tone as “punchy” is a good way.  This pickup comes standard on our Dragonfly line of violins.


Both pickups are really phenomenal compared to their competition, which is why we offer them on our violins.  Compared to each other, they are entirely different animals, apples and oranges.  The Schatten will give a great natural tone on a chambered body with 4 or 5 strings.  The Barbera gives great warmth to solid body and high string count instruments.

To find out what’s best for you, please send me an email or give me a call to discuss how you are going to use your electric violin, and I can help get you to the best setup for you!