Dragonfly Update

We're updating our Dragonfly violins for 2018!  A refined body helps the Dragonfly become even lighter. This design is now sleeker than ever.

We're also removing the Dragonfly SE.  The Dragonfly PRO will once again be called the Dragonfly, without the PRO.  With this change, we're also offering the Starfish pickup on our Dragonfly line in an effort to offer a lower priced variant of the model that provides professional level electric sound.  We are committed to providing the best in electric violins at an affordable price.    

The revised Dragonfly now offers a choice of tuners, and tuner color.  Hipshot locking tuners hold your strings tight and offer a bolder look, while ultralight tuners take ounces off of the instrument.  We're also adding the Wittner Isny shoulder rest as an option.  This can even be used to replace the acrylic wing if desired.  We continue to offer our hands free system to help hold the violin in coordination with a shoulder rest. 

We're really looking forward to offering these to our customers!