Always be prepared - Gig Readiness

As an electric violin player, showing up your performance will require more than it would when you only had your acoustic.  Beyond the violin, your bow, rosin, and shoulder rest, electric players should have an arsenal of items ready and with you at your shows.

  • Standard items: Violin, Bow, Rosin.  Having a spare bow for long performances is recommended so you don't have to stop a show to rosin your bow.
  • Strings - Have at least one spare set of every string on your violin, 2 full sets is preferred.  You never know when a string may break!
  • Cables - 1/4" instrument cables are a necessity.  You'll need to plug your instrument in, plus your effects, etc.  Cables can go bad without notice, so always bring at least one more cable than you need! 
  • XLR - Do you run your own sound or rely on house sound?  Either way, it's a good idea to ensure you have the proper XLR cable to connect to the board.
  • Effects -Some of you may play without effects, but we suggest providing your own pedals to be in control of your own sound.  Reverb and delay can go a long way to filling our your sound.  We highly suggest one of our Impulse Response pedals for even more depth.
  • DI - Yes, we do suggest using a DI box for optimal tone.  Even better if you have EQ on your DI, letting you be in control of your sound. 
  • Power cables / power supplies - Don't forget your DC power supply for your effects and DI, and a spare 9V battery for any pedals that require it.  We also suggest bringing your own power strip to guarantee you have enough outlets to plug into.
  • Stand - While not required, it's a great idea to have a stand for your violin so that it doesn't get stepped on between sets.  Protect your investment!

Being fully prepared you will be able to give your best performance, and won't be caught off guard when an item is not provided or breaks. 

Happy gigging!