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Glasser Carbon Composite cellos are revolutionary new instruments. Glasser Bows has long been a world leader in developing advanced products with the use of composite materials. Glasser Carbon Composite instruments are the latest development.
Wooden cellos take a beating, and are often damaged by climatic changes. Glasser's cellos are much more durable. Built to last, they also look and sound great. Glasser's patent pending construction makes for an instrument with a wonderful tonal qualities and durability other instruments will never match.
The standard Glasser Carbon Composite cello arrives fully set-up with Larsen Magnacore strings, Planetary Tuning Pegs, and a Glasser carbon fiber endpin. The acoustic electric version of the cello includes a Glasser Swordtail active tailpiece system powered by Bartolini pre-amplification, and a Schatten pick-up.